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Atlantic City casinos could reopen by July 4

Posté : 01 juin 2020, 16:58
par Monsieur G
Atlantic City casinos could reopen by July 4

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- New Jersey may allow casinos in Atlantic City to reopen with some restrictions by July 4, according to a report in,’s sister publication.

Gov. Phil Murphy said during a radio interview with Mike Lopez on WOND on Sunday morning that it is still too early to give specific answers, but hopes that casinos can reopen for the Fourth of July holiday.

“But we are trying like heck to get toward, I hope, before the Fourth of July or at least by the Fourth of July ... that we’re in a position where we can say, you know what, subject to a lot of different parameters the casinos can be open again,” Murphy said in the radio interview.

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