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Messagede Monsieur G » 30 Mar 2018, 16:49

Japan agrees on casino visit limitation for résidents

Discussions continue in the Japanese Parliament surrounding the future of gambling in the country, with agreements being made to limit the number of visits that residents will be able to make.

The ruling coalition parties in Japan, The Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) and the Komeito Party (KP), both support the introduction of a plan with strict limits for residents entering gambling establishments. They agreed upon three visits per week and a maximum of 10 visits per month during discussions in parliament prior to the establishment of legislation which will allow the opening of casinos.

Strict regulations have been heavily favoured by almost all the parties in Japan who fear that the country, which already suffers from an estimated 3.2 million problem gamblers according to a recent government survey, would have any pre-existing problems exacerbated by the introduction of easy accessible casinos.

https://www.gamblinginsider.com/news/50 ... -residents
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