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Virgin and Mohegan Sun Casino Las Vegas

Posté : 28 mars 2021, 15:32
par Monsieur G
Virgin and Mohegan Sun Casino Las Vegas Gambling Guide

Virgin Casino, with its gaming partner Mohegan Sun, opened last night in Las Vegas. It replaced the Hard Rock Casino that closed after the Super Bowl in 2020.

Virgin operates the hotel and other amenities. Mohegan Sun operates the casino. Some will call the property Virgin Casino, while others will say it is Mohegan Sun Casino. The Mohegan Sun branding is used in the casino.

I parked in the Paradise deck. It was nearly empty so it was easy to get in and out.

The corridor to the casino is mostly vacant. There were several empty retail spots. Once entering the casino floor, the first thing I noticed was the video poker bar on the left was walled off.

The first section of the floor from this direction includes slots and video poker. There are two table game pits in the area. One was just opening as I arrived.

The large bar in this area is also missing from when it was Hard Rock Casino. There are two other table game pits in this area.

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